hi, iā€™m april.

Depending on the day, a complete description of who I am could change - I think that's what makes me an interesting person. Oneday I packed up my life in DC and bought a one-way ticket to California.

Was it worth it? Yes. 

I began my career in luxury fashion as a menswear stylist and visual merchandiser. I don't style much anymore, however, I'm always willing to give an opinion or two, or three. 

I transitioned to working in IT shortly after graduating from undergrad. I've since been dabbling with coding a bit and have done work with web dev and Python. I also create YouTube tutorials on coding basics!

Looking for my code? You can view it all on Github!

In my spare time, I create illustrations, collages and animations for fun - still a newbie!  And when I'm really bored, I binge on 80s films (Molly Ringwald is a saint).

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!