hi, i’m april.

Depending on the day, a complete description of who I am could change - I think that's what makes me an interesting person. Oneday I packed up my life in DC and bought a one-way ticket to California. Was it worth it? Yes. 

I began my career in luxury fashion as a menswear stylist and visual merchandiser. I don't style much anymore, however, I'm always willing to give an opinion or two, or three. 

I transitioned to working in IT shortly after graduating from undergrad. I've since been dabbling with coding a bit and have done work with web dev, Python and SQL. I'm currently working on a few lorem ipsum generators which feature quotes from classic cult fashion movies. I also have a shopping calculator that's in the works. If you're interested, you could follow along on Github!

I also create illustrations and animations for fun - still a newbie! 

And when I'm really bored, I binge on 80s films.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!


celebrate diversity.

did you know that employment for careers in tech are expected to grow 13% by 2026?

And I bet that we could increase that number if minorities with an interest in tech (and unsure of where to begin) had the necessary resources to get them started! It became evident to me on Twitter that a lot individuals with expressed interest in tech either felt out of place (due to lack of knowledge) or were blatantly confused as to where to begin.

i wanted to change that.

Vogue & Code was created to help others (with a strong focus on minorities) transition into a fulfilling career in the tech industry and learn more about the opportunities out there that suits their interests best! Everyone talks about how we need more minorities in tech, but seldom do you hear actionable steps being taken to turn this exclamation into a reality.

representation matters.

Contributors to Vogue & Code articles and the resources available on this website are provided by minorities in tech and our allies. If you’re looking for tech swag - head over to the shop! I create everything with my own two hands.