New to the Shop: Mansplain Be Gone!

Believe it or not, the term Mansplain is actually in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. This pop-culture term literally made it into THEE Merriam-Webster dictionary. That means that it's really a 'thing'.

And sadly, it's an epidemic that's impacted women for far too long. Imagine the amount of women who have faced this phenomenon throughout history. I feel for the women who could be further in their career had some man not stepped in to provide his two-cents on a concept in which a woman may have so eloquently explained. Or even worse, an idea initially presented by a woman only to be re-said by a man and therefore praised and given recognition.

So what is mansplaining?

Mansplain (verb)


of a man, to explain something to a woman in a condescending way that assumes she has no knowledge about the topic

Have you been mansplained? I'm almost certain that if you're a woman, you’ve more than likely experienced mansplaining. It's often accompanied with phrases such as 'well actually' or 'not a comment, just an observation'. The feeling that overcomes you when mansplaining occurs is gut wrenching and without a doubt cringe-worthy.

Can mansplaining be avoided? Doubtful. You could be an expert in your field and yet someone out there will undoubtedly be there to explain concepts you're more familiar with than others in your field. Who knows where this all came from?

For International Women's History Month, I wanted to do something for the women who are still (and have already) finding their voice in their careers. We make history by speaking up and presenting our ideas to the world. When someone attempts (or even succeeds) to mansplain, we should recognize the notion and refrain from letting it get us down.

Although there may not be a cure to this epidemic, we could at least pretend - right? Visit the shop to get your very own Mansplain Be Gone t-shirt! I created this shirt for all of the awesome women who are striving to be the best version of themselves by using their voice and not letting mansplainers bring them down.

April Speight