To All the Notebooks I've Ever Loved

Raise your hand if you suffer from notebook addiction? I know I do. In fact, it had gotten so bad one time that I had to ban myself from purchasing any additional notebooks until the ones I had already owned were filled front and back.

Long story short, that was shortly lived. However, I did manage to go a few months without accidentally purchasing a notebook from HomeGoods. 

But addiction aside, notebooks provide the opportunity to handwrite your thoughts. There's beauty in manuscript - almost like how there's beauty in still reading physical books. I remember being in preschool and pretending that I was writing in cursive (read: elongated beautiful scrribles). I had even won the 'Golden Pencil Award' a few times in elementary school. In college, I literally handwrote all of my research papers (on pink paper) before sitting in front of my laptop to transfer all my thoughts into Microsoft Word.

I have a very deep intimate relationship with handwriting and couldn't imagine not being able to write my thoughts out with simple pen and paper.

In most cases, writing in notebooks enables me to retain information better. When I first began learning how to code, I tried typing out everything in OneNote. Although I had legible notes with code perfectly indented, I found myself unable to retain what I was learning. So I decided to take a different approach and handwrite my notes instead.

That changed everything.

I now write all of my coding notes by hand. However, there are some cases where long code snippets are better saved in Python files on my computer. But when it comes to referencing the basics, I often handwrite.

Not to mention, I journal all of my thoughts and ideas for Vogue & Code. Every design, project, you name it, starts on pen and paper. It helps to get all of my ideas out rather quickly as I'm not bound to the confines of a word processor. I can doodle, connect ideas, draw symbols - you get the point. There's so much more freedom in handwriting.

So in preparation for 2019, I vowed to keep all my ideas and coding notes in one of two journals. It's easy to hoard notebooks and write down everything everywhere but in the end it's hard to keep track of what's located where. However, I encourage you to take advantage of handwriting your thoughts and even for note taking as well as you find yourself acquiring new skills.

I purchased two Poppin notebooks this year to help keep my project ideas organized. My projects are sectioned off onto separate pages. Thus far, it’s been working out pretty well.

Lucky for you, I purchased enough to host a giveaway! To enter you must complete the following by midnight January 13, 2019.

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One winner will be selected on Monday January 14, 2019 and will receive a fabulous Poppin set from me which includes 1 notebook, 3 pack note pads and pens. US ONLY.

Good luck!

ProductivityApril Speight