GitHub Workflow


What's the big deal with GitHub? GitHub is an awesome platform for sharing your code and collaborating with others. This series contains Watch this video to learn the basic workflow for using GitHub.

Basic GitHub Workflow
Learn the basic GitHub workflow that’s used when collaborating with others on projects. Spend a day with me on Rodeo Dr. to see how the GitHub workflow is similar to a day of shopping!

GitHub Pull Request Reviews
Learn what happens when you initiate a Pull Request Review. Spend a day with me on Melrose to see how a simple conversation with friends to determine if I’ll make a purchase is similar to going through the pull request review workflow.

GitHub Revert Commit
Learn what to do if you change your mind about a saved commit. Spend a day with me online shopping and see how modifying my shopping cart is similar to reverting a commit in GitHub.

Curious to know what all you could do with GitHub? Check out this post to learn more!

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