April Playlist

How many of you need music when you code? Listening to music (and the occasional edible) helps bring out the creativity in me! Since I can’t distribute edibles to everyone (because, illegal), the least that I could do is share a coding playlist with you all each month!

And you’re in luck because my iTunes library is super eclectic - we could be jammin’ to Odd Future one minute and transition to Toto next!

I’ll try to keep these theme-based however, I’m no DJ! But to give you an idea of what to expect, below is taste of the songs from my library - happy coding!

April Playlist

  1. OG Beeper - A$AP Rocky

  2. Fashion - David Bowie

  3. Zealots - Fugees

  4. Analog 2 - Odd Future

  5. Tennessee - Arrested Development

  6. Jasmine - Jai Paul

  7. Africa - Toto

  8. Agua de Beber - Astrud Gilberto

  9. Sweetener - Ariana Grande

  10. Polite Dance Song - The Bird and the Bee

Get the playlist here on Apple Music!

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