WellnessApril Speight

April Playlist

WellnessApril Speight
April Playlist

How many of you need music when you code? Listening to music (and the occasional edible) helps bring out the creativity in me! Since I can’t distribute edibles to everyone (because, illegal), the least that I could do is share a coding playlist with you all each month!

And you’re in luck because my iTunes library is super eclectic - we could be jammin’ to Odd Future one minute and transition to Toto next!

I’ll try to keep these theme-based however, I’m no DJ! But to give you an idea of what to expect, below is taste of the songs from my library - happy coding!

April Playlist

  1. OG Beeper - A$AP Rocky

  2. Fashion - David Bowie

  3. Zealots - Fugees

  4. Analog 2 - Odd Future

  5. Tennessee - Arrested Development

  6. Jasmine - Jai Paul

  7. Africa - Toto

  8. Agua de Beber - Astrud Gilberto

  9. Sweetener - Ariana Grande

  10. Polite Dance Song - The Bird and the Bee

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