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celebrate diversity.

did you know that employment for careers in tech are expected to grow 13% by 2026?

And I bet that we could increase that number if minorities with an interest in tech (and unsure of where to begin) had the necessary resources to get them started! It became evident to me on Twitter that a lot individuals with expressed interest in tech either felt out of place (due to lack of knowledge) or were blatantly confused as to where to begin.

i wanted to change that.

Vogue & Code was created to help others (with a strong focus on minorities) transition into a fulfilling career in the tech industry and learn more about the opportunities out there that suits their interests best! Everyone talks about how we need more minorities in tech, but seldom do you hear actionable steps being taken to turn this exclamation into a reality.

representation matters.

Contributors to Vogue & Code articles and the resources available on this website are provided by minorities in tech and our allies. If you’re looking for tech swag - head over to the shop! I create everything with my own two hands.


blog posts.


How to Find a Job on Twitter

Have you been wondering how so many people in tech are able to find jobs through Twitter? It’s not as difficult as you may think! Rather than rely on luck to get a few leads, consider following this strategy to land an interview for the job of your dreams!

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How to Interview While Employed

Congratulations - a recruiter contacted you for an interview! The only problem is that you’re currently working a 9-5 and it’ll be tough to make it to your interviews. Learn how to plan your interview schedule around your 9-5 without having to come out to your employer about your current job search.

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What to Do With Github

I was once so anti-Github that I refused to even visit the website. I felt that the projects I had worked on in my spare time weren’t ‘Github-worthy’ and were best kept locally on my Mac. Big mistake. HUGE. I hadn’t fully understood the necessity of pushing my work to Github until I began to work on my Command Line Tutorials. So, why should you push your work to Github?

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Learn How to Create Invoices with PayPal

Still accepting commission work via Venmo? Or maybe you’re requesting payment via PayPal or worse – in person? It’s time that you discover the importance of paper trails and begin to use invoices to collect payment.

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4 Ways to Conquer Your Goals

How often do you set goals for yourself and find that overtime, you haven't really achieved much? You create such elaborate plans to achieve your goals with detailed steps and possibly colorful markers and vision board cut-outs. And in the beginning, it genuinely feels like you might just achieve your goal this time around.

However, as time goes on and you reflect on the progress that you've made, you realize that the fire that was inside you when you initially set your goals actually burned out 3 days in to working towards your goals. Life gets in the way or worse you lose interest altogether.

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Why Moving in Silence Can Do More Harm than Good

More often than enough,  we come across people online who praise the notion of 'moving in silence'. What exactly does it mean to 'move in silence'? Moving in silence is essentially staying quiet about whatever it is that you're working on (i.e. a project, job interviews, planning a product release, etc.) and then announcing to the public your success once you've achieved your goal. I, myself, used to be an advocate for moving in silence until I learned just how doing so could set back progress rather than support the progression towards achieving my goals.

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My Coding Curriculum.

Interested in seeing what I’m learning? I put together a list of courses and resources that I’m using to help further strengthen my knowledge of creating AI bots with Python.



5 Things I Learned
as a Freelancer

Quitting your comfortable cozy 9-5 to work for yourself can be quite an uncomfortable feeling. It’s not always a matter of impassion that prevents people from throwing in the towel and leaving the corporate world.

We have these crazy things called bills which come across once a month – typically at the most inconvenient moments. Random splurges which occur because we’ve given in to a YOLO moment. Brunches or events you just have to go to because of FOMO. However, we find comfort in doing these things because we know that in less than 2 weeks we’ll have another deposit dropped into our bank account to make life better all over again.


Project: Alexa Skill

Are you looking for a new way to look up programming concepts? If so, you could easily create an Amazon Alexa skill that’s equipped with the programming knowledge of your choice. This tutorial will teach you how to create one using a Twilio Autopilot Assistant and the Alexa channel.


careers in technology.


Did you know that there’s more to working in tech than coding? Check out the career profiles below to learn more about various careers in tech - no coding required!