Apr 9, 2020

How to Stream Maquette Un-Tethered for Oculus Quest


ver since I learned about Microsoft Maquette, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a VR device to try out the spatial prototyping tool! Fortunately, I was recently able to finally get my hands on an Oculus Quest! Since the pandemic, it's been relatively hard to get my hands on a device given the production slow-down. However, signing up for notifications on BestBuy was how I was able to grab one while they were in stock!

It was tricky finding a solution to get Maquette up and running on an Oculus Quest un-tethered. However, I found a solution that now enables me to access Maquette by sideloading and screencasting with Steam VR, Virtual Desktop and SideQuest on a PC. If you have an Oculus Quest without an Oculus Link (or compatible alternative), these instructions are for you!


  • Oculus Quest
  • Fast WiFi Connect (5GHz network)
  • SideQuest
  • Virtual Desktop ($20)
  • Steam
  • SteamVR

Note: If you're interested in a video version of how to stream Steam VR on your Oculus Quest, check out Tyco Tech's How-to stream Steam VR Oculus Quest video on YouTube! His video is what I used to help me get up and running.

Create an Organization

Your Oculus Quest must be in developer mode to later get SideQuest onto your device. However, before you can enable developer mode for your device, you need to create an organization. Assuming you've already taken your device out of the box and have gone through the setup process of creating an account and configuring the Quest for use, login to the Oculus Quest dashboard and create a new organization. The organization name can be whatever you prefer.

Enable Developer Mode

During setup for the Oculus Quest, you are instructed to download the Oculus app to your phone. We're going to use that app to enable developer mode! Grab your phone and ensure that both Bluetooth is turned on and the app is installed. Next, turn on your Oculus Quest. Now, open the Oculus Quest app on your phone and click on Settings. In Settings, pair your Oculus Quest with the app by clicking on the device listed in the top Headset section of the page. Once your device is paired, click on the device to expand the menu and select More Settings.

Next, click Developer Mode and toggle the button to enable developer mode.

Download and Install Oculus Quest ADB Drivers

Back over on your computer, download the ADB drivers so that Oculus Quest can connect to your computer. After the download is complete, navigate to where the file is downloaded to your computer and unzip the package. Locate the android_winusb.inf flle, right click and select Install.

Download and Install SideQuest

We'll be using SideQuest to stream wireless from our PC to the Oculus Quest. Download and install the Windows version of SideQuest. Once the installation is complete, open SideQuest. Using the power cable that came with your Oculus Quest, connect your device to your computer. Look inside the Oculus Quest to accept the notification that pops up to trust your computer. Afterwards, click Connect.

Purchase and Install Virtual Desktop on the Oculus Quest

Virtual Desktop enables you to connect to your desktop remotely. You can purchase the app inside the Quest Store and install the app onto your Oculus Quest.

Download and Install the Virtual Desktop Streamer App

Over on your computer, on the Virtual Desktop website, click the Download Streamer App button to begin the download and install the app. After the app installs, the Virtual Desktop Streamer window will open. At the top of the window, enter your Oculus Username (the username you use to sign-in to your Oculus account). Everything is authenticated through the headset so there's no need to enter a password.

Disconnect Oculus Quest & Disable Developer Mode

At this point, you can disconnect Oculus Quest from your computer by removing the cord from the device. You can also disable Developer Mode in the Oculus Quest app.

Download and Install Steam

Download and install Steam on your computer from the Steam website. Once the installation is complete, open Steam on your computer.

Install SteamVR with Steam

Search for SteamVR inside the Steam Store app on your computer. Select Play Game and select a location on your computer to install SteamVR.

Install Microsoft Maquette with Steam

Search for Microsoft Maquette inside the Steam Store app on your computer. Select Play Game and select a location on your computer to install Microsoft Maquette.

Open Virtual Desktop

You'll need to open Virtual Desktop on your computer and your Oculus Quest. On your computer, open up the Virtual Desktop Streamer app.

On your Oculus Quest, launch the Virtual Desktop app from your library.

Adjust Settings for Virtual Desktop

Assuming that you have a good internet connection, you will need to adjust your video bitrate settings within Virtual Desktop. On your Oculus Quest, click the Oculus Menu button on your left controller to open the Virtual Desktop menu. The first thing you'll see is your computer name listed. You should see your computer connected.

In the Virtual Desktop menu, select Settings and change the Video Bitrate Limit to Insane.

Open Microsoft Maquette

In the Virtual Desktop menu, select Games. In the Steam Games section, select Microsoft Maquette.

Maquette will load and viola! You're all set and ready to use Maquette.

Alternatively, you could launch Microsoft Maquette from the SteamVR home. In the Virtual Desktop menu, select Launch Steam VR at the bottom left side of the menu.

Inside the Steam home, select Microsoft Maquette from the list of games and click Launch.