Nov 10, 2019

Program Manager


f Product Management and Project Management had a love child, it'd be Program Management. As a Program Manager, you'd be responsible for the execution of a program. However, be weary that the title 'Program Manager' does indeed vary by company and even by department within the same company. Program Managers oversee the life of some deliverable from start to - improvement (because in tech, nothing is every truly complete or finished). You'll complete customer research, use data to support your decisions, collaborate with teams across various departments, and be the go-to for essentially anything involving your deliverable.


If you thought the phrase “Influencer” was just for social media, think again! As you bring new ideas and features to life, you’ll need to gain the interests of stakeholders and end-users that’ll engage most with the new feature. You’ll source buy-in from others and use data to validate the need and/or impact of dedicating resources to bring a new feature to market.

Customers come first so harness those communication skills and get comfortable conducting user research which may be in the form of customer interviews and verbatims. Drive the conversation to get to the root of the problem and work with a team of designers and engineers to develop a solution.

You may find yourself managing multiple product features at once, so time management is of the essence! And once you’re ready to bring a deliverable to the general public, get ready to measure engagement and put on your analytical hat! Knowing what data to collect, how to synthesize and make general conclusions will help you make decisions for next steps.


Nowadays, there are bootcamps available to learn more about Product Management. You could also enroll in a few courses in Project Management. However, you'll seldom find a college program dedicated to program management.

If you chose to become a technical Program Manager, consider taking technical courses in whichever area of tech interests you most! And if enrolling into a class isn't for you, there are a plethora of resources available on the web in the form of blog posts and articles to get you acclimated with all the many facets of Program Management.