Nov 1, 2019

Software Sales


or the most part, companies just don’t hand over their credit card to buy software. In actuality, there’s a lot of software evaluation and review before settling on a vendor. However, once it’s time for a product demo, that’s where Software Sales come into play. As someone who works in Software Sales, you’ll be responsible for introducing software to a prospect (typically via a product demo) and will also be the point of contact for practically all inquiries until an agreement is signed.


Can you sell ice to an Eskimo? If that sounds like a piece of cake then you may want to consider selling software. Having the technical knowledge is an added bonus, however, having sales skill is vital. Being able to negotiate successfully and build relationships with prospects will get you pretty far in this field.

A great presentation presence is highly desirable as well since you’ll often find yourself conducting product demos of the software. You’ll need to be quick on your toes if something breaks in the midst of a demo and be able to carry on a conversation during long loading times or while an error is being fixed in the midst of your demo.

But it goes beyond just possessing the ability to sell, you should also be highly organized. You’ll often find yourself with multiple sales leads. What this means for you is that you’ll need to be able to remember all the key requirements of your various clients and be able to follow up when necessary with your leads.

Are you good at remembering random facts about people? That could come in handy as well. People are comfortable purchasing from people they establish a connection with. Calling up a prospect and inquiring about a recent trip or child’s soccer game can work wonders.

If you have the drive to meet and/or exceed goals, consider selling software. At the end of the day, your success will come down to numbers.


College isn’t necessarily required to take on a sales role. However, possessing product knowledge is essential. You can harness product knowledge on the job through learning more about the product. If you want to enhance your selling skills, consider reading some material on Negotiation and Relationship Building.

You could also benefit from exploring a few courses on Communication. You’ll spend a lot of time speaking with others whether that be via phone, email or in person. Spend some time practicing your public speaking skills and you’ll be better equipped with leading your meetings.