Nov 5, 2019

Software Trainer


eing a software trainer is similar to being a teacher. You’ll be responsible for training users on how to use a specified software. In addition, you’ll get to create end-user material that users can refer to when learning how to use software.


Patience is a virtue as you’ll need to be cognizant of the various learning speeds and skillset of your audience. Some users will grasp concepts quickly while others may need to see a demonstration a few good times to comprehend how to use a feature.

Excellent writing skills are essential as you’ll be the one creating end-user documentation. You’ll need to be able to write clearly and in a manner which explains software simply.

Since you’ll spend most of your time instructing others, you want to have the command presence of a teacher. It’s helpful to be able to present content in a captivating manner so that your trainees understand the content and more important stay awake throughout the training session.

Furthermore, you’ll excel if you’re a fast learner! In this day and age, not much software on the market is stagnant when it comes to new features. You’ll need to be able to adopt new features before they are released to the public so that you can train others on how to use the features.


Consider taking a writing course or brushing up on best-practices for writing documentation. If you already have a teaching background, be sure to put those skills to work! However, a degree in teaching is not required to become a trainer. In fact, a degree is not necessary to train others unless a company requires all employees to be in possession of a degree.

Familiarize yourself with learning management systems (LMS). Some companies have transitioned to providing modules for their end-users to learn how to use their software. As a trainer, you may be responsible for adding content to the LMS. In addition, start to become comfortable with video-editing tools. Similar to a LMS, some companies provide video content for their end-users to watch when learning how to use their software. As you may have already guessed, you may be responsible for creating the videos and presenting the information via video.