Mansplain Be Gone T-Shirt

Mansplain Be Gone T-Shirt



In a perfect world, this product would exist! But until then, we could all at least pretend that Mansplain Be Gone can be found on the shelves of our favorite stores! The Mansplain Be Gone t-shirt features a retro advertisement design of the product Mansplain Be Gone designed by me, April Speight!

All t-shirts ordered during the pre-order period will begin to ship Monday 8/5.

Whats My Size?
During this limited run, I have provided you all with a super comfy generous fit. The length and width for each of the sizes can be found below:

Extra Small
- 23.5” length, 16” width
Small - 25” length, 18” width
Medium - 26” length, 20” width
Large - 27” length, 22” width
XL - 28” length, 24” width
2XL - 29” length, 26” width
3XL - 30” length, 28” width

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